This specially designed alkaline mineral powder contains an array of high-alkaline salts and other yeast and fungus fighting elements, such as citric acid and essential oils.
Its precisely balanced, acid-neutralizing mineral formulation helps preserve the body's proper PH balance- the cornerstone of health.
By boosting blood alkalinity, yeast and fungus are deprived of the acidic terrain they require to flourish.
The effectiveness of other essential oils is enhanced when the body's blood and tissues are Alkaline.
Alkaline may help reduce the following symptoms:
*Fatigue/low energy
*unexplained aches and pains
*overweight conditions
*low resistance to illness
*irritability/mood swings
*urinary tract infections
*rectal/vaginal itch
Calcium Carbonate provides calcium for healthy bones
PotassiumBicarbonate added for electrolyte balance
Magnesium Citrate a crucial co-factor for collagen creation
Magnesium supports healthy intestinal flora, the first-line defence against fungus overgrowth
Sodium Bicarbonateused for electrolyte and PHbalance
Citric Acid added to help cleanse the digestive system
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